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Can feminist films flunk the Bechdel test? Sure they can

Read this:

A good idea to rate films based on gender representation? Probably. I think the results would be shocking. Shocking.

My take on the Bechdel test is that it’s less of a test and more of an eye-opening guideline. I mean, can you even imagine a movie that had only one man in it, or men who only talk to each other about women? Men who have no interior lives or self-interest? Is there such a thing? No? Then why are so many women in that spot exactly?

Don’t get me started on the 5% female director stat either… I will Hulk out on you. This needs to change. All of it. Grr…


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2 responses to “Can feminist films flunk the Bechdel test? Sure they can

  1. I’m so tired of people mentioning the Bechdel test anytime I mention women in movies. Arbitrary tests are not what we need. Actual representation of women is what we need. But we are usually dead wives, hookers, kidnapped daughters, love interests, whatever.

    • Author

      I totally agree! As stupid as this sounds, it’s something that seems to need to be said over and over: Women are people, so why aren’t women treated as such in all aspects of art and culture? We don’t need a test to see that we’re meeting some sort of minimum cultural quota, we need art that shows women as people.

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