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Joss Whedon Is The New Black

Joss Whedon is the opposite of a misogynist. Which sounds crazy mostly because so many of his peers flex that muscle when they need to… Which, let’s be honest, seems like it happens more often than one might think necessary. Yeah, I’m dancing around this aspect of this topic a bit. I’m not calling anyone out, specifically, but ask yourself- When was the last time you witnessed a genuine 3D female character in a big Hollywood movie? I mean one that wasn’t rendered by VFX- one that had a brain and a heart and maybe even an important job to do that mattered a lot to the world of the story…?

Go ahead. I’ll wait. I’ll find something to read

…Anything? Odds are better than Vegas that Joss Whedon had something to do with whatever you’re thinking of. Which is great, but sad in that his dedication to equality on screen is so singular that he can actually be identified by this trait. Sure, lots of other folks do this too, but the mighty Joss does it so consistently. He doesn’t do Damseling (more on that later) and it’s so refreshing that it’s not just his work ethic, but his own life philosophy.

Which all serves to show us Joss Whedon speaking at Make Equality Reality introducing the idea of “genderist” (because things should just be called what they are) and generally saying sane, sensible things. Refreshing.

For some bonus Joss, a great set of interviews with Joe Utichi that includes this quote:

“I dislike agendas; I like obsessions because obsessions are part of what make us individual and exciting. Agendas – not so much.”


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