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Women We Love: Aisha Tyler

You know the whole stereotype of women hating each other and having catfights and… I dunno, all those other fake ass things women do when they get together?

Yeah, we don`t do that here.

Here, we have no problem talking up women who are awesome. And one of those women is Aisha Tyler.

She seems to be everywhere as of late, but that could be because she is literally everywhere. She`s got a book, a podcast, a TV show, another TV show, and yet another TV show and a healthy stand-up career.

And I need a nap just from posting this.

Here are two interviews that further reinforce her power of awesome, though, before my nap gets underway:

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson – December 4, 2013

Studio Q – December 5, 2013

Enjoy the awesome.


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