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Seriously, ELLE? Do You Never Learn?

I actually don’t want to spend a lot of time (read: any time at all) talking about how women look. Between fat shaming and slut shaming and body image issues… oh man, I have completely lost track of why I’m supposed to hate myself.

My personal solution? I like myself. I deprive all the shaming industries of what they desire most- my self-loathing. But, I know not all women are so fortunate. So, we find ourselves here. Again.


For the second time in six months, ELLE Magazine got real scurred about having a non-sample size woman on the cover. Note the distinction there- A woman, not a model. We should all know that high fashion is not reality. We should all know that professional models aren’t ever styled to look like actual human people. And you know who should know that better than anyone?


The folks at ELLE seem allergic to women who don’t fit in their sample size designer closet. Come out of the closet, ELLE. (Yes, unironically.)

Note to ELLE: There are a bunch of real women out here- beautiful, strong, smart, talented and funny women- who know that sample size is not real size. To take it a step further, we are unafraid to see that reality reflected on the cover of magazines from time to time. If you’re taking time out to honour talented women or funny women, we know they’re not going to be the homogenized coat hangers with heads that usually appear on magazine covers. We’re big, strong people. (Yes, unironically.) We can take it.

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