The Weekend Reader – January 10ish

Apologies for the lateness of this weekend’s reader, but I had to take time out to lose my mind a bit about a certain magazine that has a very short memory… Ahem. Anyway:

Happy reading (and writing) this weekend!


Passing the Bechdel Test in 2013

My last thought before 2013 disappears.

(And then, FYI, 2014 will pick up riiiight where this leaves off.)

A very interesting post on the Tribeca Film site about 10 Bechdel Test-passing films from 2013. There’s a very interesting bit in there that you’re sure to be very interested in. Go and take a look at it. I’ll wait.

Did you see it? I’d bet you did. Just about 70% of those films had women involved in their writing and/or directing. Women, it seems, are keenly interested in having reflective, nuanced, smart, multi-faceted women on screen.

And, let us not forget, these were (mostly) great films. Let’s look forward to more of these in 2014.

Can feminist films flunk the Bechdel test? Sure they can

Read this:

A good idea to rate films based on gender representation? Probably. I think the results would be shocking. Shocking.

My take on the Bechdel test is that it’s less of a test and more of an eye-opening guideline. I mean, can you even imagine a movie that had only one man in it, or men who only talk to each other about women? Men who have no interior lives or self-interest? Is there such a thing? No? Then why are so many women in that spot exactly?

Don’t get me started on the 5% female director stat either… I will Hulk out on you. This needs to change. All of it. Grr…