How I Met Your Summer Vacation (The I’m Not Just Lazy, I Swear Edition)

Sooooo… How’s everybody been? Summer, huh? Wacky, right?

Small talk, small talk…

Anyhow, I haven’t been neglecting this blog on porpoise (that’s what I wrote and I’m sticking to it…). I have been under the weather (a lot), lazy (a little) and working (too much). But no more excuses! Posts must get back to normal ASAP! I like exclamation marks today!


But, before that happens, this post is to help me finish a class. Yup, I’ve been taking a class. On screenwriting for short films. Taught by James Franco. I admit all of those things both 1- sound crazy and b- are true.

I’ve had an idea rolling round for a short for ages but  I was also busy. Mostly being plagued with the dread of “I’ve never written shorts so how would that even work!?! I only write longs!!!!!”

This class, thankfully, had a very limited amount of source material to choose from, and I enjoyed it a bunch. (Um, wait, I’m sorry… I have to WRITE A SHORT that HAS TO BE an ADAPTATION?! Did you see me cartoon sweating over here?! The thankful part came only after I was done. Don’t tell anyone.)

I think what I’ve learned is that if you can write a script well, you can write a script of any length well. It’s exactly the same process. Which I never would have guessed on my own. I probably would have never tried on my own, if I’m being totally honest…

So, with HUGE exclamation-filled (!!!) thanks to James and Vince (plus a few sleepless nights) here it is: The Man Comes Around.

Judge me as harshly as you wish.


The Weekend Reader – February 28ish (Oscar Weekend Edition!)

Oscar weeeeeeeeeeeekend! Let’s get ready to… um, eat popcorn in front of the TV in pjs? (Sound right?)


(I try not to pimp movies often, but Non-Stop is the type of movie that explains why I love writing thrillers so much. And can we talk about Corey Stoll? Can he be in everything already?)

Seriously, I know it`s too late for this year, but can we work on getting Liam Neeson a special Ass-Kicking Oscar next year?

OK, that`s not classy enough for the Oscars. Let`s call it the Lifetime Achievement In The Moving Arts Specifically Isolated In The Lower Extremity to Human Posterior Contact in a Spectacular Fashion Award.

Not to worry- we have a whole year to name it.

Once you`ve circulated your request to the appropriate offices, you can treat yourself to either:

The best commercial you`ve ever seen involving macaroni, cheese and turtles


Give yourself (and others) all the High Fives you can stand (there`s an app for that!)

There should be enough reading to tide you over from opening night of Non-Stop to Oscar Sunday, speaking of which…

THR talks to Brutally Honest Oscar Voters (emphasis on the brutal)

Five shocking stats about Oscar and Gender

In film festival news:

Enter your film to be judged by the greatest film jury, possibly, ever

James Franco has earned his own film festival

This just in! A bulletin from the Marvel Universe (and it`s not about the pizza boxes. Also, is it weird that Loki is on the Supreme Pizza? No, of course it`s not. I didn`t get a picture, but I will. I will.)

And the good stuff:

An interesting Buzzfeed video that will help you Change the way you look at women

Forbes talks about Why women can`t make movies

Slate talks about why it`s OK for The women on True Detective to be treated like garbage (I would love a huge, critical hit show where women both matter and aren`t totally sexualized objects. That would be cool.)

And, lastly, if you`re thinking about starting up a campaign that benefits girls and women, hit up Indiegogo and they will kick in some extra funds on International Woman`s Day.

In fact, International Woman`s Day is coming up soon! In fact, I think it`s a whole week now (go figure- half the population gets a week of celebration… yay.) But, there are so many accomplishments worth celebrating that I will try to pull out as many as I can.

Because we are all about celebration here. So congrats to all of this weekend`s winners, and to all the award season winners in general. And to Liam Neeson.

You know, for next year.