Kevin Smith Says What We Are All Thinking

Hopefully you`ve had a chance to read If you like my stuff, then you like women by Kevin Smith.

If you know nothing else about Kevin Smith, you should probably know he`s good at rallying his following (anyone remember the Southwest debacle?) and he really doesn`t seem to hate women. In fact, judged solely through his work, he seems to like and respect women.

So, to make a short story shorter, someone (who, according to the article, doesn`t think it`s fair to be called out for your actions, so I won`t mention a name) wrote a blurb-type thing that included a small snark attack on Smith`s 2001 film Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. It was a throwaway line that Smith seemed to acknowledge with a throwaway woe-is-me response in jest.

Subsequently, as so often happens whilst on the internet, shit went crazy from that point onward.

Does it suck that the first thought in some brains is to lash out at a woman with some misogynist bullshit? It sure does. But I don`t see what this has to even do with Kevin Smith… aside from publicity. He mentioned published material on Twitter that bugged him, naming the source of the material (people seem to do that a lot on Twitter. Shocker!). A bunch of other people took up their own cause and spewed some lady-hating venom at the source of the aforementioned material. Should that happen? Well, the lady hating, no. Not ever. But the rest of it…

There was a teachable moment here. One where two people could have stood up for the what (and why) of things they say and think. But, in this case, half of the problem goes unresolved. It was a golden opportunity to call out any old random people who were using a nothing issue as a platform to spread hateful ideology. Instead… At least Kevin Smith called it out. So that`s something.

As an aside, if you look at the original article (included in the link above), there`s no reason given why a bunch of content is disappearing from Netflix in 2014. I`m assuming it`s a licensing issue, but that writer certainly didn`t bother to explain it. Just another example of the sloppy snarkism that seems to have completely invaded (and, possibly, saturated) the whole of the internet age. Just frame the smallest snippet of information entirely with some self-serving, snark-filled inner monologue and, voila, you`re qualified to write whatever you wish. There really are no more journalists, just the last outpost of the sad hipster- the only outlet where they can carpet bomb a path with their own special snark (which, pathetically, is just plain old, tired, sad, same as all the rest snark. Sigh.).

That`s just my opinion. And I can say with fair certainty I`m not saying any of this as a result of some deep-seeded misogyny.

PS: I actually really enjoyed Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. How do you like them apples?