The Weekend Reader – April 11ish (The Waiting for Wondercon Edition)

Our quote of the week comes from Jon Hamm:

“There is no world in which I’m winning Best Shirtless anything,” he said. “I’m not a vampire, and I’m not a zombie and I’m not Kristen Stewart or Jennifer Lawrence. I’m not those four things, so I won’t be winning Best Kiss. If there was a category called Best Guy Who Kind of Reminds You of Your Dad. I would maybe win that one.”

It’s been another light reading/too much working week for me. And, no, it wasn’t just watching Captain America over and over (I’ve only seen it twice) it’s been just work. Work work work, it’s all I ever do (That’s a favourite expression of my dad’s, of whom Jon Hamm does not remind me… But I digress.)

Let’s see… what’s happened this week:

Wanna talk to Robert Downey Jr? He wants to hear from you.

He’s also the subject of the best game from this past week

Here’s some insight into Teen Titans (and why I totally don’t understand them)

A fun project you can fund for the next 12 days – She Got Game

There’s a new book out called Mom in the Movies, to which… I dunno what to say

This review had the best pull line I’d ever read: Draft Day Is Like the NFL’sMoneyball Except It’s Cruel to Nerds and Is Terrible


Aaaand, that’s it. I promise at least a WonderCon update this week. As for anything else…


Men We Love: Jon Hamm (for Hamm Club)

Duh. Of course we love Jon Hamm. We have eyes and ears… and even if we didn’t, we have a pulse. And I’m pretty sure everyone who has a pulse is a member of the Jon Hamm Fan Club (Hamm Club? Is that a thing? I’m trademarking it if no one else has…)

But, you ask yourself, what special reason do we have to love Jon Hamm  even more today? Well, mostly, for having lunch.

You see, Hamm Club President (not only the president, also a member) Mister Jon Hamm himself is auctioning off the chance to have lunch with him (via Charitybuzz) to benefit the Adrienne Shelly Foundation. In case you’re not familiar with the foundation, here’s the brief blurb from the auction page:

“Jon will lunch with the lucky winning bidder and a guest in New York City or Los Angeles, depending on his schedule, while helping to support women filmmakers through the Adrienne Shelly Foundation. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

Donated By: Jon Hamm”

It really doesn’t get any better than that.

(PS: To the winner of the auction: Please be sure to ask him if he’s cool with calling the fan club Hamm Club…)