Olympic News We Love: Gus Kenworthy Wins The Olympics (And Puppies)

So many inspiring stories have come out of this year’s Winter Olympic Games. This is one of those, but with puppies:


Ladies and Gentlemen, Gus Kenworthy has just won all the Olympics. We now return you to your regular programming.


My Favourite Screenwriter (That You Might Not Have Heard Of) Emily Blake

While avoiding other work, I was looking for something to read. I came across this.

Full disclosure: I was one of the 30-odd people who got coverage from Emily this year. I`d never met her, but the coverage for a good cause idea was something I wanted to get behind. (She did it for puppies, people! Puppies!)

Her coverage was incredible. The absolute best that I got from anywhere, and I paid A TON of monies to A TON of people for coverage (I`m assuming most people did not help puppies with my monies. Just guessing). I agreed with pretty much everything she said. I wrung a great rewrite out of her notes that got the script in question into the hands of some interested producer-folk. I hope I thanked her profusely enough (…but I doubt that I did. I feel like I should at least add her to my xmas card list. Or send her cookies. Or something.)

Her post is a couple of months old now, but I found myself thinking back and wondering if I (because the world revolves around me, obviously) was one of the people who did the thing with the characters that she referenced that a LOT of writers did. I definitely didn`t do it consciously, but I really wanted to write a very male script with that story- very much a one-hander. Though the female characters are important to the plot (and not bimbos in any sense), the lead male was the most important thing in the universe to me as I wrote it. And maybe that comes through in the work. Maybe I was sloppy and am now making excuses for myself. I dunno.

I haven`t looked at that script in a while, with my head buried in other things, but I hope I didn`t do the thing that I`m always railing on people not to do. But maybe I did. Maybe this whole blog is just a really long apology…

But the one thing I really wanted to say that stood out about Emily`s notes was that she was one of the few people who didn`t question the veracity of the female supporting characters in the narrative. I got a lot of notes questioning why these women were so alpha or a-type or strong or, maybe, even one reader might have used the word bitch or bitchy… I don`t recall specifically (I got A LOT of coverage on that script, no joke). But there was a lot of whys in my head about that question reoccurring.

I just kept thinking well, why can`t women fight for their families without being called names or branded with labels? When a family member is threatened, do all women just need to just cry and go to bed? (Yes, movie that shall remain nameless, I`m looking with disappointment at you.)

But Emily had none of that. She totally got it. And I`ll forever be grateful. In short, Emily Blake rocks. You can read more of her blog-a-liciousness at bambookillers.com.