The Weekend Reader – February 21ish

First and foremost, a late addition (but a welcome one). Chelsea Handler gave us all a reason to love her even more. Read No One Puts Baby in Parentheses RIGHT NOW

Once you’re done with that, don’t worry, there’s lots more to read:


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Rashida Jones Says What We Are All Thinking

Hopefully you`ve had a chance to read Why Is Everyone Getting Naked? by Rashida Jones.

I`m not sure her detractors understand the concept of `Slut Shaming`. Or maybe I don`t understand it. Because what I understand it to be is when women are called out for exhibiting overly sexual behaviour that causes them to deserve some treatment (you shouldn`t dressing provocatively if you don`t want to get raped – that`s slut shaming).

The way I read it (and I`m not paraphrasing anything, so I might be totally wrong) is that the worry stems from some women in the public eye who seem to act out mostly as a sexual fantasy blow up doll for the enjoyment of others. Even women who have full, confident and even very blatant and in-your-face control of their sexuality are not defined by it. They`re all still three-dimensional people.

And those three dimensions are the aspect that the perky popstar girl-toy seems to miss. These girls have agents and managers and stylists and dressers- not one of them has 100% control over their image. And they are walking billboards for… whatever they`re selling. Perfume? Clothes? I really have no idea anymore…

This is not a new trend, obviously. There`s Britney Spears, who was still in her teens in the 90s (oh yes it was!) when dunked into a schoolgirl outfit and told to Work, Bitch! And look at the poor girl still trying to do it! Was she ever doing it for herself? Has she ever seemed like a person who`s had any control over her image and career?

On the receiving end, the message that is broadcast, loud and clear, to girls and women through these manufactured pop princesses: You will never bee good enough. Whore yourself out and try, because that`s your only chance, but we`re going to tear you apart either way. You will never succeed with your brains or your ability, so make sure people can see your boobs in that fake sex tape you make.

Talk about something society should be shamed over…