Comics (Books, Not People Or Strips). Mostly.

I think I may have warned this ages ago, but I occasionally write about comic-related things. I’ll file them in their own category, so that anyone who is prone to eye-rolling (or who is just not a fan but is still cool about it) those posts will be easy to tune out.

(I’m working on a comic right now, so it’s a topic that I predict will keep popping up from time to time…)

Firstly, a random round up of things I’ve been meaning to post… Like┬áthis link from The Awl- How Much More Do Comic Books Cost Today?

And a couple of projects from actor-folk you may already be fans of:

Alyssa Milano has a new comic book project- Hacktivist

(This one is from BOOM! Studios… Anyone had any dealings with them as a creator?)

Taran Killam’s James Bond-style spoof The Illegitimates

And, of course, now public citizen Shia LaBeouf has had some creator issues of his own…

So, yeah, comic books. We’ll be back to screenplays tomorrow. After all, ladies need multiple revenue streams too, y’all.