It’s Thorsday. For Realz.

… To celebrate? I give you Tom Hiddleston dancing.

Also? Here.

And? This (as a bonus).

Because, and let’s all be honest with ourselves for just one second, there is one reason we all love Thor. And it ain’t Thor.

Forgive me for being girly…

Forgive me for being girly, but I’ve had sooooo much time to kill in transit today that it isn’t even funny. At an airport on my way to the great and mighty Winnipeg, Manitoba (C4! More later!) I decided to get a pedicure. Yup, you can do that at the airport. I know, right? Kinda crazy and kinda… well, what’s another word for crazy? I’ve just been so all over the place that having four hours to myself was a bit of a blessing, so off to the mani/pedi/massage place I went.

So… Why isn’t there a Marvel Manicure set? They do sets of colours for other things of popular-culture interest (did anyone see The Muppets nail polish? Cute, right?) why isn’t there and Loki’s Glare or Thor’s Hammer? (I’m landing really heavy on the Thor tip only because it’s only one more Thorsday until Thor’s Day… Yeah, I’m lame. I heard you the first time and I still didn’t stop.)

Marvel Merchandise gurus, if you’re listening, this is either the best idea ever or, maybe, I’ve inhaled too many airport salon fumes today…