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John August and Craig Mazin and Scriptnotes live? Oh my!

Question- do you listen to Scriptnotes? If you’re interested in screenwriting, you should. I was surprised how many people I talked to at AFF who hadn’t heard of Scriptnotes, but then the live Scriptnotes panel was pretty packed, so maybe I was just talking to the wrong people…

On top of the magic that was live Scriptnotes (including Rian Johnson and Kelly Marcel even!) both John August and Craig Mazin presented panels of their own. And both were in the same teeny, tiny room. John August talked about the evolution of Big Fish (see it on Broadway!) and Craig Mazin gave a talk designed to make every screenwriter’s life easier.

Those three panels alone were worth the price of admission to AFF. If you have the chance to see some live Scriptnotes for yourself, you really should. Really.

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